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"During the project review monthly meeting, the project stakeholders request Project manager to include a scope item which was initially discussed however, was never included into the project scope as the Project sponsor had denied it to be included as part of the project. Which best action could the Project manager be able to take in this situation?"
"During the execution of a project, the project manager is being asked by a team member “when will he get the work package assigned”. The senior team member had raised similar such questions in the past which were appreciated by the other team members as well. How would you mitigate this risk of not getting cooperation of the team members?"
Project Scope requirements are decided by
Who decides the project is a success based on the project scope?
How will you apply 8/80 rule for the project planning?
Best approach to develop the scope and time baseline would be to involve:
During the end of the current project phase, what should project management team definitely do of these:
"In the organizational project management, an organizational scope that changes with the strategic objectives of the organization. What is being referred to here?"
In an organizational project management, the internal and external changes are expected and prepared to be managed BEST by:
Control chart is defined as:
A structured, independent process to determine if project activities comply with organizational and project policies, processes, and procedures is known as:
Quality Audits does not generate which of these:
Being a PMO Head you would want to measure the performance of the projects against each other. Which of these methods would you want to apply to measure all the projects on a same scale?
"One of a premier satellite launch research organization on this planet had planned to send a satellite to Mars for the discovery of life forms on the planet Mars. In order to launch the satellite, the organization intended to precisely track its space position with one of the approaches. Which approach would you BEST believe to serve this purpose on this project?"
During the project planning which of these tools would you use to plan quality on the project?
"On a process control chart, there are seven consecutive data points out of the control limits. What does this signify?"
Most commonly used relationship model in the Precedence diagrams is..
AOA activity diagrams use which of the ONLY relationship:
What is true about the Delphi Technique?
Issuing the Project Charter is the responsibility of
A key component was found defective in between the project delivery. Team was quickly able to manage and make the product work without the defective component. What did the project team do?
Most common cause of conflicts in a project is
Which is the BEST conflict resolution you would employ on a project conflicts?
For a new project to be performed in a most frequented typhoon prone area, you have taken up an insurance for typhoons. This is an example of:
Which of these is correct with respect to a product developed or a service performed?
Deming suggested that
Which of the following is not a tool to Perform Quality Control process:
As a project manager which tool would you use to identify the most of the issues which are having impact on the Project?
When analyzing quality for a project a Project Manager decides to use a tool. This tool provides a creative way to look at the causes or potential causes of a problem. Which tool is the Project Manager planning to use?
According to Herzberg Hygiene Theory, which one is not an example of the Hygiene factor?
Which factor needs to be met first before other levels can be met?
Which of these is a process in the Scope Management knowledge area
You have just been made the Project Manager of the ABC project. You are trying to read the WBS and are unable to understand some of the WBS components. Which should be your first step to understand this?
Who among the following is responsible for performing the Scope Validation?
You are planning to use PERT for planning of your project. A task has pessimistic estimate of 24 days, most likely estimate of 15 days and optimistic estimate of 12 days. What is the mean using the Beta Distribution technique?
Which of these is a process in the Project Procurement Management knowledge area?
Oligopoly refers to
You are using straight line depreciation to compute the value of your computer after three years. If the current cost is $1000, what will be the value after three years assuming that the computer's life is five years.
What is NOT true about Analogous Estimating?
You have been asked to make an estimate for a project. The project involves manufacturing 1000 toys. You expect that as the team manufactures some toys, the time to make them will reduce. Which estimation technique are you trying to use?
John is an excellent engineer. The management assumes that since he is a good technical performer, he will be a good project manager too. Based upon this, John was promoted to Project Manager. This is an example of
Which of these is an example of processes in the closing process group?
The authority to approve or deny change request lies with
You are the Project Manager of the XYZ project. You want to find the planned expenses for next month. Which document do you need to refer to?
Which of the following is not true about the WBS report?