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Six Sigma and its application in PMP knowledge Areas

TCSAs we discussed in some of the other articles, both Six Sigma plays a vital role in project management.  Today we want to discuss about 4 out of 10 knowledge areas where usage of Six Sigma increases the chances of project success.  Knowledge of Six Sigma gives you that extra edge over other project managers and helps you outshine your colleagues.  The application of Six Sigma might look difficult but it enables your project to deliver its intended goal with low COPQ.  Below are the knowledge area where six sigma plays a vital role:

Scope: Right from requirement analysis to scoping of the project, applying Six Sigma would enforce clarity and rigorous change management.

Time:  Six Sigma is very important for time management.  Applying Six Sigma would mean better scheduling, rigorous progress monitoring and risk management, immovable deadlines and solid resource management.

Cost: Six Sigma in cost management would mean budget control and early indicator of changing budget with proactive and effective forecasting.

Quality: Six Sigma in quality management enforces measureable and customer aligned quality goals and targets, careful selection of standards, and realistic assessment of capabilities.

Iron triangle is often referred as critical knowledge areas with quality in center and six sigma enables us to manage all these 4 knowledge areas effectively.  Hope this clarifies the importance of Six Sigma in project management.

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