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PMP Acronyms that You need to be Remember

PMP AcronymsWe are sure that the situation won’t be very nice when sponsor wants AC info from project manager and he instead of giving actual cost checks for air conditioner temperature.  These acronyms might sound gibberish a person who is not aware of them and a PMI PMP is required to be aware of all these acronyms.  Below are the Acronyms that you as PMP need to be aware of and remember the meaning of it:

  • AC: Actual Cost
  • BAC: Budget at Completion
  • BCR: Benefit Cost Ratio
  • CBR: Cost Benefit Ratio
  • CPI: Cost Performance Index
  • SPI: Schedule Performance Index
  • CV: Cost Variance
  • SV: Schedule Variance
  • IRR: Internal Rate of Return
  • NPV: Net Present Value.
  • ROI: Return on Investment
  • DUR: Duration
  • FV: Future Value
  • PV: Planned Value
  • EAC: Estimate at Completion
  • VAC: Variance at Completion
  • EF: Early Finish
  • LF: Late Finish.
  • PERT: Program Evaluation Review Technique
  • EVM: Earned Value Management
  • ETC: Estimate to Complete.
  • EV: Earned Value
  • ES: Early Start
  • LS: Late Start.
  • PTA: Point of Total Assumption
  • TCPI: To Complete Performance Index

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