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Need for structured Project Management Approach

Why Project ManagementThe question that I often get asked is, why do we need to study project management since we already have experience managing projects?  Why do we need to a certificate to validate our knowledge?  Well, to answer this let me ask a basic question.  What is competency?  Isn’t competency sumtotal of knowledge, experience and skills that you develop overtime using the knowledge that you achieved from various sources?  We can gather knowledge with experience but that would be specific to domain you are working in and further specific to company you are working in.  How do you know what is industry standard?  How do you know how industry is moving further and how you can add value to your organization by helping them refine their process and move ahead?

There are lot other benefits of getting certified apart from validation of your knowledge, skills and good job prospects.  This does help you manage and improve your process of doing projects.  Rework will reduce due to effective quality management within project management.  It is estimated that 25% to 40% of all spendings on projects is wasted due to rework.  Imagine the value you can add by reducing this wastage.   Project managers are known to be jack of all however they might not be masters in everything.  There are 10 knowledge areas that they need to manage.  However, I think if project managers are trained on six sigma and lean, they will be able to significantly reduce this wastage since quality is top down approach and project managers are in best position to implement it.

Six Sigma Vs LeanWith effective use of project management tools and techniques, your changes of delivering project within timeline and budget increases considerably.  Certified project managers don’t just go with mandate of doing project given to them.  They start with business case review and do cost calculation associated with Return On Investment and check if the project is aligned to organizational strategy.  They help sponsor take informed judgements which in turn helps them build right network to move up the ladder.

Certified project managers are also very effective in managing stakeholders expectations since they are very effective communicator and manage project scope without having any scope creep.  These project managers know how to say no when required and when it is in larger interest of the organization.

Lastly, they understand the importance of documenting lessons learnt and doing administrative closure of project.  These documents makes organizations project management more matured by adding OPA’s.

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