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Clash of titans – Prince2 Vs PMP

Prince 2 Vs PMPPrince 2 Vs PMP.  Is it apples Vs Apples or Apples Vs Oranges?  What are the differences and what are the similarities.  Should you go for PMP or Prince2 certification?  Aren’t these questions often bothering you?  Honestly, it did bother me when I was planning to get myself certified.  There are different views in the market.  Some say that Prince2 is more prescriptive whereas PMP is not and gives lot more autonomy to project manager.  Some say Prince2 is practical approach whereas PMP gives details of tools and techniques.  So what is it?  Lets find out.

PRINCE2® and PMP® (PMI- PMBok) are two of the popular project management frameworks adopted across the world for project management practice. PRINCE2® takes different approach than PMI-PMBoK but both aims is to improve the project performance and eventually success rate.

The way I see it, both of them have similar flow with different terminologies or jargons.  However, both are framework and can be tailored to fit your requirement.  Infact that’s the best approach.  Prince 2 Vs PMP cert


Both start with business case which is called as project brief in Prince2 and the management of knowledge areas and process groups in PMP is very much aligned to themes, Principles and processes of Prince2.  Both should be learned to make you a better project manager and also to improve your horizon.  And both should be looked at as complementary studies to improve your competency rather than battle between the 2 or look at the battle between them.  I would like to say that its apple to apple comparison.

Now lets come at differences.  Main difference apart from terminologies is eligibility criteria to get certified.  Below is the certification criteria:

  1. PRINCE2® Foundation : No prerequisite for PRINCE2® Foundation Level
  2. PRINCE2® Practitioner: Foundation level is prerequisite for Practitioner. No Mandatory relevant work experience required.

PMP® has prerequisites

  1. Four-year degree and atleast 3 years of project experience with 4500 hours of leading a project along with 35 hours of contact hours training from an REP.


  1. A secondary degree  and atleast 5 years of project experience with 7,500 hours of leading a project  along with 35 hours of contact hours training in project management from an REP.

PMP® (Project Management Professional) is based on PMI – PMBOK, is popular worldwide, and is the leading project management approach in North America.  PMP® is also popular in countries such as Australia, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, UAE, Singapore, India, China  etc., [1]

PRINCE2® (Project IN Controlled Environment) is process based project management methodology is popular worldwide, and is the de facto standard for project management in UK and most part of Europe. PRINCE2® is also popular in countries such Australia, Netherlands, Denmark,  UAE, South Africa,  India, China  etc.,[1]

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