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Mystery of Control Limits, Solved!

Yes, it's easier to prepare the control charts using Minitab.  However, what if you move into organization that does not ...
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Data requirements for capability analysis

What are the data requirements for a capability analysis? You can use individual observations or data in subgroups. You should ...
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How to convert DPMO into Sigma Level

We can easily calculate the DPMO but then how does it get converted to process Sigma level?  Confusing?  Below table ...
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Process Capability with Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk and Z Score

Z value, Cp, Cpk, Pp and Ppk can be quite confusing to understand and a task in itself to remember these ...
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Why a Lean Six Sigma Project Leader should also be PMP Certified?

Scoping your project, handling it and ensuring scope creep is not jeopardizing your projects outcome could be a daunting task ...
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Six Sigma and its application in PMP knowledge Areas

As we discussed in some of the other articles, both Six Sigma plays a vital role in project management.  Today ...
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What is covered in Six Sigma

It is said that you don't know how you are performing unless you measure the performance.  It is also said ...
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Need for structured Project Management Approach

The question that I often get asked is, why do we need to study project management since we already have experience ...
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What are the various Six Sigma certifications and what they mean?

Six Sigma certifications and levels depends upon the company's implementation strategy.  While individual with every belt specified might be performing ...
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Why Lean Six Sigma when Six Sigma Methodology exists?

Six Sigma and Lean are two common methods under continuous improvement umbrella that businesses use to help improve quality and ...
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