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Importance of Managing Scope

Do you want to boil the entire ocean or 1 gallon at a time?  Project scope management is all about ...
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Clash of titans – Prince2 Vs PMP

Prince 2 Vs PMP.  Is it apples Vs Apples or Apples Vs Oranges?  What are the differences and what are ...
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Risk Appetite, Tolerance and Threshold explained

Risk Appetite, Tolerance and Threshold are very important concepts in risk management and are often misunderstood.  If you failed to understand ...
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Are you ready for Project Management Career? 700,000 new project management jobs to fill by 2020

Project management is a profession that’s growing fast and offers great compensation.  According to Project Management Institute’s (PMI) “Earning Power: ...
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How do you effectively estimate your project?

Estimating is a tough task in projects specially when uncertainties are higher.  The first thing that needs to be done for ...
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Project Management Fundamentals from PMI View

What is a Project? Project is a temporary endeavor with definite beginning and end data undertaken to create a unique ...
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PMP Exam Eligibility and other Relevant Details

Project Management Professional (PMP) is certification administered by Project Management Institute (PMI), USA. The PMP designation following your name tells ...
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Important concepts to know and remember before your PMP Exam

There are certain concepts that you need to know, understand and remember before writing your exam and apply in your ...
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PMP Acronyms that You need to be Remember

We are sure that the situation won't be very nice when sponsor wants AC info from project manager and he ...
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PMP Important Formulas

If you are preparing for PMP examination, you would need to remember formulas, some values and rules that are covered under ...
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